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There will be no Fourth season for Starz's Action & Adventure series Da Vinci’s Demons

#DVD Cancelled, No Season Four :(

Starz may have officially cancelled Da Vinci’s Demons which concluded with Season 3 on the 24th of October, but series creator David S. Goyer has stated that there is a possibility for a 4th season in the near future. In fact, he feels that should the series be picked up by another network he has another few years’ worth of material for the show.

Since DVD has yet to be picked up by another channel, there will be a gap in production when a new series would need to be conceptualized and then filmed. But Goyer has an inventive solution to what would be a large gap between season airings. Goyer has plans for a story that follows on 15 years after the events that occurred in Season 3, during “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. As the series covered the story of the young genius, the proposed seasons to follow would surely be based on better known facts about Da Vinci’s life.

Starz Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik has stated that the reason for concluding DVD at Season 3 is due to Da Vinci’s biography. Goyer initially proposed to depict the early years of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life, which are not as well documented as the genius’ more established years. “We think the fans will enjoy this final chapter which segues into the da Vinci that history knows.” Commented Zlotnik on Season 3.

But whether the show is renewed by another network or not, Goyer had the fans’ best interests at heart. “This (last episode) has closure. For the fans, it’s hard to do a good ending. You hate those shows that don’t end because they got yanked. This isn’t that. We debated whether or not this would be an end. Fans will be really satisfied with the end.”

It is an interesting time for television series’, the old rules of a show ending when it ends, returning only in the format of reruns, or very rarely, a reunion show, have dissolved. Now, networks are picking up shows from each other, so when a series is cancelled by its network it leaves room for another channel to take it on and air the seasons that follow on directly from where the show left off on the previous channel. Also, series creators are being given the chance to reprise their shows, often years after what they intended to be their final episode of their final season.

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Fans have taken to the blogosphere to state their loyalty to the show, claiming that they would readily follow the series to another network if it was picked up for a fourth and even a fifth Season. This is another way that things have changed, where a very accurate form of market research takes place in blog posts and comment sections. Hopefully, other networks will take note and pick up #DaVinciDemons for at least one more season. Clearly the show’s fans are not ready for it to end.

As well as the creator of #DVD, Goyer is also the writer behind phenomenal box office hits, Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012) as well as cult hits The Crow: City of Angels (1996) and the Blade trilogy. While an accomplished screenwriter, there is not much that Goyer can’t do, he has tried his hand at directing a few episodes for

#DaVinciDemons as well as a few films, such as The Unborn (2009) which, surprise, surprise he also wrote the screenplay for. Goyer has also produced a number of TV series’, but surprisingly, this prolific creative also finds time to write popular comic books, such as JSA (Justice Society of America) with co-author Geoff Johns.

Do you think that #DVD deserves another season? If so, which network do you think is a good fit for the show?

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