‘Cruel Intentions’ Is Done


Stick a fork in this production, since it is way past done. The Cruel Intentions reboot is officially over and done with, and this time there is no phantom network waiting to pick it up. This all started with a failed reboot attempt by NBC in October, and it made perfect sense considering the content from the movie. Cruel Intentions is a very risqué story, one that doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to dialogue or physical contact. NBC most likely passed on the series due to not being able to sustain the content over a full season, yet puzzlingly rebooted Single White Female. There are some screws loose with that decision making, and time will tell whether the decision was wise.

But with Cruel Intentions the production was fierce, and the buzz was real. Fans have a special place in their heart for the movie, and an even bigger place for the incredible Sarah Michelle Gellar. This could have been her television comeback role, the very one people have been waiting for since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air. Sony furiously shopped the show and was never able to find a suitor, even after extending the actor’s options. NBC president Jennifer Salke was also behind the push, doing a really good job of trying to land the show on a compatible network.

Yet apparently nothing could be done to save the reboot that fans actually wanted. It is a bit jarring to see a popular reboot fail in a reboot heavy industry. The pilot of the Cruel Intentions television show is still floating around, and if fans are lucky someone from behind the scenes will release it online.

Why do you think Cruel Intentions couldn’t find a network? Was this Gellar’s last chance to get back into acting?

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