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TF1 has yet to announce the fate of Crossing Lines Season 4

Release Date of #CrossingLines S4: To be announced

As we follow former police officer Carl Hickman through the troubles in his life, viewers are still riveted to know not just the individual challenges that Hickman, played by William Fichtner, is faced with, but what cases he finds himself on with the International Criminal Court’s Special Crime Unit. Hickman is not the primary focus in the newest seasons, however, as we have been introduced to even more diverse international characters.

Part of the loss of William Fichtner is due to his new role of Jamieson Hintrhop on the popular American show Empire. As the future of Crossing Lines has remained somewhat in the air, it seems natural that Fichtner would look for a role that was more stable and secure.

Still on the show is the ever-present and popular Donald Sutherland, portraying the leader of the crime group, Michel Dorn. Dorn had disbanded the group at the end of season 2, but was forced to bring them back into action again for season 3 as they had to look for a missing person that Dorn had a personal investment in. Sutherland is sure to continue on the show into season 4, having been a centerpiece surrounding the entire crime unit’s operation.

At the end of season 3, we are left with Marco still not having discovered where his sister is though he has gotten a few more clues to help him along the way. The crime crew is still amusing audiences with their skillful methods as they help rid the world of international criminals which, in the season finale, included protecting a right wing Romanian party leader from a retired assassin. Marco was a new character introduced to us in season 3 as a kidnapping expert, making it a sad irony that he is a victim of kidnapping as his sister is still missing. Also knew in season 3, who is sure to continue on into season 4 is Inspector Luke Wilkinson, played by Stuart Martin, psychologist Ellie Delfont-Bogard, played by Naomi Battrick, and Inspector Carine Strand, played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

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The future of the show at this point is unknown in an international sense. NBC only aired season 1, but the show is still running new episodes in several different countries, including Germany, India, Canada, and France. While there is no certain future for the show in the United States, the show is certainly continuing on elsewhere. In Britain, the show was released on the LoveFilm platform. U.S. viewers do not need to fear being left out of the loop, however. Thanks to the availability of streaming online, you can catch the show on Netflix and Amazon Video.

Due to the international variety of showings, the show is actually in different seasons in different locations, so it can be hard to know if you are up to date if you are simply trying to look for episodes online.

While #CrossingLines has not declared its fourth season yet, due to the large international following, the show is certain to continue. In season 4, I suspect we will finally find Marco’s kidnapped sister, though hopefully she is still in one piece. Given that the previous season ended with him finding more clues to her whereabouts, we are sure

to continue on his quest and hopefully Marco’s search will be coming to an end. The show will also be likely to be continued into season 4 due to the international popularity. Having a cast that covers countries across Europe as well as the United States, makes the show more relatable for a European audience. As many shows that are aired in Europe are American of origin, #CL fills in the hole for European entertainment.

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11 days 7 hours ago

One of the best shows I have ever watched!!!Wis it would go on for years…😜