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‘Criminal Minds’ Welcomes Adam Rodriguez


The insanely long running Criminal Minds just added a new cast member to their family. Adam Rodriguez will join as a season 12 regular, replacing Shemar Moore who left last season after 11 years on the show. To summarize the move, they replaced one incredibly good looking actor with another incredibly good looking actor. Whoever is doing the casting for Criminal Minds needs to get a promotion.

Adam has similar show experience under his belt, and is known for ‘CSI: Miami’ and for his major role in ‘Magic Mike’. His new role on Criminal Minds will have him joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit by way of the FBI Fugitive Task Force. Knowing how tight knit the gang is, it will take a lot of work for Adam’s character to earn their trust. But this is the type of conflict that shows like this live off of, so the more drama then the better it is for the plotline. Adam’s return to CBS will be a great one, as fans have missed him for a while now.

The showrunners haven’t been shy about saying they have several storylines planned for his character, and with the show heading into its 12th season, this is exactly the type of facelift that will keep it going. If even half of those planned storylines goes into effect then it will be another successful season for the franchise. There are still some characters in the squad that are in need of a little backstory. Indeed, some of the main characters don’t have their storylines fully fleshed out after 11 years on the air. This is a good opportunity to mix in a little of what everyone has been asking for while bringing in a new backstory.

Was Adam Rodriguez a good pickup for the show? How do you feel about Shemar Moore leaving?

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