‘Criminal Minds’ Suspends Thomas Gibson


This is one fight that isn’t going to end well! Thomas Gibson was suspended from Criminal Minds after kicking one of the writer-producers of the show. This is beyond bad, and may very well cost him his job. Here are some things to note about the incident and what it means for the franchise.

  1. Gibson is officially suspended for one episode, but it could very well end up being two or more. The correct way to put it is that he is suspended indefinitely while the network reviews his status on the show. To put it bluntly, they are leaning strongly towards firing him if it doesn’t negatively impact the show.
  2. Gibson kicked the unnamed writer-producer over creative differences with the show. There is an alleged physical altercation with another member of the staff from years back, so apparently Gibson has a record for being a hothead.
  3. Usually he would direct a couple of episodes and had plans on doing so this season. This option is off the table this season, and that’s assuming he comes back at all. The actor has been with the show since the start from 2005 and is an important pillar in its creation.
  4. A DUI and alleged alcoholism issues have been reported over the years about Gibson. There has been no note on whether this was the reason he went a bit nuts that day.
  5. His behavior has made some people question whether it was Gibson’s behavior that led to cast members like Shemar Moore leaving the show over the years.

It is highly unlikely that Gibson will be back on Criminal Minds, and even if he does manage the miracle, it will be with a lot of scrutiny.

Do you think he will be back on the show? What do you think about the whole situation?

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