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The Eleventh season of the Crime series Criminal Minds was originally broadcast on September 30, 2015

S11 Started September 30, 2015
Criminal Minds

Long running crime dramas are a dime a dozen, but #CM has managed to make it an interesting run. The story is that the F.B.I has an elite group of agents that specialize in profiling, with the name of the unit being BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). In situations where the local police are overwhelmed with a serial crime or a murder that is completely out of its league, they call upon the special profiling techniques of BAU. These controversial victimology techniques has a huge strain on both the professional and personal lives of the unit, especially since it involves them thinking like the criminals in order to catch them. But when it comes to catching criminals, there isn’t a better unit available that can do it.


The show has been out since 2005, with a total of 10 seasons and 233 episodes. Considering it is an hour long crime drama, that puts it on par with the Law & Order franchise, although #CriminalMinds’s spinoffs aren’t as successful. With the series going on for a long time there was also a video game based on the series by Legacy Interactive that was met with mild success. As far as a spinoff of the TV series, we got CM: Suspect Behavior that was cancelled after 1 season due to low ratings. Not wanting to give up on the still solid franchise, #CriminalMinds: Beyond Borders will debut January 13th 2016.


Dharma and Greg veteran Thomas Gibson plays unit chief Aaron Hotchner, who out of all the characters seems to be the most level headed in the face of adversity. The Young and the Restless heartthrob Shemar Moore plays special agent Derek Morgan, who many may see as the immature member of the team, when in fact he is the enforcer and just as level headed as Hotchner. Dr. Spencer Reid is played by Matthew Gray Gubler, the youngest of the team and also the smartest. He is a little green sometimes, and is often protected by the more seasoned members of the unit. Technical analyst Penelope Garcia is played by Kirsten Vangsness, who also had a short lived role on the spinoff Suspect Behavior.

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Where We Left Off?

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the cast as Kate Callahan…only to leave at the end of the season. Former F.B.I agent Kate Callahan is signed on to replace Alex Blake, the unit member that left last season due to the job being too stressful for her. It’s no surprise when Kate’s niece Meg and her best friend Markayla are kidnapped by an internet predator. This leads to a situation that gets resolved, but hits too close to home, as Callahan eventually announces her leave to Hotch so she can concentrate on her family. Out of all the members, she is the only one that actually gets out before it gets too deep-there is a lesson there for the rest of the members! Another surprising tidbit is the conversation between JJ and Reid, as she reveals her pregnancy.

Season Outlook

Technically about a good year has passed within the fictional universe of the show, giving Kate just enough

time to recover. It’s also a possibility that she will be smart and just call it quits permanently, but that wouldn’t be any fun. Season 11 premieres this year on September 30th, and it’s rumored that even though Kate left at the end of last season, she is set to return sometime this season. Let’s hope so. Who do you prefer, Kate or Alex? And how many more seasons do you think #CM will last?

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