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‘Criminal Minds’ Makes Some Repairs


After Thomas Gibson went MMA on a crew member and kicked their shin, he was cast away into nothingness by the powers that be. The decision came at the cost of losing a series defining character in Hotch, but it was more of a moral decision than a business one. And for what it’s worth, they went against the grain on this one and actually did the right thing. But that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt them on the business end, and they have been in repair mode since.

The latest cast member to be brought in is Damon Gupton, and no it won’t be a guest role. Gupton is being brought in as a full time member, which brings the main cast of agents to eight total! The writers at Criminal Minds must be beasts because that is a lot of characters to write material for. Apparently this is going to be the new face of Criminal Minds, and while not a lot of people are thrilled, it is the decision that had to be made on the morality end.

Gupton will make his appearance in the eighth episode, and will be introduced as Special Agent Stephen Walker. He has ties to the counterintelligence division on the FBI, and is a brilliant profiler. With the big storylines planned for the new season, this plays right in their hands. Walker is a known spy hunter, and Criminal Minds has never shied away from the big storyline. Whatever they have planned will be so big that fans will forget about Hotch’s character. Or at least that is there hope, as the once loved show is on a very tight leash from the network.

Are there too many agents on the cast of Criminal Minds? What do you think about the hiring of Damon Gupton?

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