‘Criminal Minds’ Makes Paget Brewster A Regular


With all of the drama surrounding the Criminal Minds set, this was a nice wallop of good news in the cycle. The show has decided to bring back Paget Brewster as a regular, a move that was no doubt brought on by the Thomas Gibson firing. For the troubled 12th season this is a big deal, and the show may yet escape a disastrous return.

Brewster was on the show from 2006-2012, and has remained close to the former cast members over the years. Even when she left, the door was always open for her to do guest spots when her schedule permitted. SSA Emily Prentiss is a big part of the Criminal Minds family, so her return could make losing Gibson and Shemar Moore in one season a little less obvious. She will make her first appearance on October 12th, with all eyes on the current cast to see how the show will turn out without Gibson.

There is no word yet on if they’ve successfully reached out to Shemar Moore about doing the same, as his return with Brewster’s would completely nullify losing Gibson. The problem is that Moore is enjoying being away from the show, posted a lot of vacation picks since he left. Moore also made it a point to weigh in on the Gibson firing, and seems to be in favor of it. Does that mean that the door is open for Moore to return?

As an ensemble show, there are still issues to figure out with the Aisha Tyler and Adam Rodriguez character, as they both need to be developed in the upcoming season. Criminal Minds isn’t dead yet, and Brewster may be the one who saved it.

What do you think about Brewsters return? Will it lead to Moore coming back and rejoining the cast?

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