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‘Criminal Minds’ Just Made It Official


This was a pretty cut and dry decision by the show and network, and one that no one can argue. After reviewing the altercation on set between Thomas Gibson and the producer/writer he assaulted, they turned his 2 episode suspension into a ban from the network. While they didn’t call it a ban, it’s pretty easy to say he won’t be getting work with CBS, ABC or its affiliates. Now at this point it may be a little selfish to ask what happens to Criminal Minds, but fret not, you’re not the only one to think that.

ABC and CBS TV Studios were in agreement about his behavior being reprehensible, and since this is part of the Disney brand, harsh steps had to be taken. This is more about the image of the studio and the possible lawsuits than it is about trying to keep the show together. Doing what’s right in this situation protects the studio from the worst case scenario, which would have been a complete meltdown in bad publicity.

Now that the dirty work is done, all of the names and the fun details have come to light. The producer/writer that Gibson kicked was Virgil Williams. And the previous attack to another crew member that was rumored is actually true, and was an incident which led to him hitting assistant director Ian Woolf. Gibson apparently has a long history of issues, and was forced to go into anger management counseling at one point.

He already filmed the first two episodes of the upcoming 12th season, but from that point forward the writers will have to get creative with writing him out. On the plus side, this opens up the doors for previous cast members to come back like Shemar Moore!

What do you think about his dismissal from the show? Will he ever work on broadcast television again?

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10 months 5 hours ago

give him one more time he is the show

Karen glardon
Karen glardon
9 months 23 days ago

I think you should give him another chance.I watch the show every week.People will stop watching the show if Thomas Gibson is not on there anymore.

9 months 22 days ago

Glad he’s gone. Hoping Shemar Moore stays gone. The show needs a transfusion of new talent to return to the ensemble piece it was originally.

Christina Truesdell
Christina Truesdell
7 months 26 days ago

Everyone thought that Shemar Moore leaving would turn viewers away. I miss Shemar more then Gibson. The chemistry between Garcia and Derek was undeniably good and I loved that part of the show more then anything else. Please get back Shemar Moore back. I’m just saying.