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‘Crawford’ Is The Newest Series From Comedy Central


But not so fast! It may or may not debut in 2017. Comedy Central is being real careful with how they approach Crawford, a new comedy series from Mike Clattenburg. Although the Netflix is enjoying a new season of Trailer Park Boys, Comedy Central seems to be a bit more relaxed about making this a full pickup.

Regardless, the 13 episode first season looks hilarious and has a pretty decent premise. It is about a man in his 30’s who has no choice but to move back in with his parents. There is this weird business he starts with raccoons to make ends meet, and it just goes from there. It all sounds crazy enough to work, and that’s exactly why people will tune in to see the chaos. Besides, who would have thought that Trailer Park Boys would be such a big hit? Crawford is definitely a risk worth taking.

The show will be executive produced by Laura Michalchyshyn, Janice Dawe and Kathy Avrich-Johnson. With a production schedule set for some time next year, there is a real good chance that the show might even slip to a release in early 2018. That wouldn’t be a good thing, and really pushes things back for one of their more anticipated pickups.

On the other side of the story, it’s also a score for CBC in Canada. The deal was handled byu Maggie Pisacane, and won’t be the last of a program that dual airs on both CBC and Comedy Central. And the best part about the dual airing is that it will happen at the same time, which is rare! Hopefully all of this takes place and Crawford doesn’t turn into another project that is nothing more than a premise.

Will Crawford actually air on Comedy Central? Who would you cast in the starring role?

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