‘Coronation Street’ May Temporarily Lose A Member


Coronation Street star Qasim Akhtar suffered a pretty brutal injury at home when he was working out. A bruised and bloodied face was the result of passing out while training on his patio. It was apparently a once in a lifetime freak accident, and could have been a lot worse. The picture he posted on his Instagram account shocked a lot of his colleagues and fans, as the injury really got him good. Visually, it was worse than it looked, but is still enough where he may need some personal time off. The 25 year old isn’t the only star in a series to suffer a freak injury, with some of these later examples being worse than the next!

The show Shooter was delayed by a lot after Tom Sizemore reversed an SUV and pinned a stuntman. It led to the stuntman being hospitalized, and a lot of discussions over the intent of the harm. The directions were clear, so the jury is still out on why Sizemore put the SUV into reverse. This led to one of the many delays of what was expected to be a really good show.

Dominic Purcell got hit with a dislodged set piece that fell on his head, causing a broken nose and head injury. The toughman soldiered on even after the injury, and got patched up in no time. Production kept going on smoothly, and the producers were able to finish Purcell’s key shoots at a later date. This is a case where the injury looked as bad as it was, and a lot of people were concerned it was career threatening.

Accidents happen for all celebrities, even when the perfect amount of safeguards are put in place.

What’s the worst accident to happen on the set of a show? What about off of the set?

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