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Season 4 of Continuum debuted on September 4, 2015

S4 Started September 4, 2015

Science fiction series have come a long way from being low budget knockoffs on TV, and Continuum proves that fiercely. The Simon Barry created series is about a group of rebels named the Liber8 in the year 2077 who travel back in time to 2012 to prevent the future police state that they once lived in.

Thankfully good natured author Kiera is accidentally transported back in time with them, and is forced to conceal her identity in order to prevent the group from causing irreparable destruction in the past. She hooks up with Detective Carlos Fonnegra and the Vancouver Police Department to stop the worst from happening. Also offering his help is computer genius Alec Sadler, who at times is the most useful person in the group.

Associated Celebrities

There aren’t any huge celebrities on the show, but a lot of well-known names that will surprise you. Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) has been in the blockbusters “Saw II” and “Saw V”, and also on the CBS show Jericho. Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) was on the soap opera “Days of our Lives”, the supernatural drama “Charmed”, and both crime shows “NCIS” and “CSI”.

Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) starred in the incredibly shameless “Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” and in the TV show “Rush”. Sonya Valentine (Lexa Doig) starred in the great “Stargate SG-1” series, “Andromeda”, “Eureka” and “Earh: Final Conflict”. Saying that she had a great agent that understood her science fiction roots is an understatement!

Travis Verta (Robert Cross) is no longer with the series, but has been in breakout shows such as “Orphan Black”, “The Strain”, “Dark Matter”, “Eureka” and the omnipotent “24”. He also has voicework on blockbuster games “Saints Row: The Third” and “Fallout: New Vegas”.

The Story So Far

In order to bring Halo and Piron down, everyone had to play their roles perfectly. The romance between Brad and Kiera has been underplayed for a while, but they finally kissed and it was clear to see sparks flying. Somewhere through all of this drama they found a time to be human, and it was perfect.

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Maybe that kiss opens her eyes, as she finally lets it known that she disagrees with some of Libre8’s politics and that everyone should be working together. It was nice to see Travis back, as you have been missed my friend! They attack the headquarters which leads to switching Corporate Alex with Future Alex, but the plans falls through. Corporate Alex dies in an attack with his other self, and Kiera plants the dead Alec’s microchip into her Alec so he can take over the corporation.

Amidst the skirmish inside the time traveling machine is destroyed, but can still be restored. The plan may have ended up being for nothing, as Kellog over the past couple of weeks has been tricking the other Alec into signing over control of the company, and in the end Kellog kicks out Alec and takes full control of Piron.

Next season

Unfortunately #Continuum’s 4th season will be its last, and will only be 6 episodes. Season 4 airs September 4th, 2015 and marks a completely different idea than what show creator Simon Barry had in mind. Originally, he had 7 to 10 seasons in mind for the show. It’ll be interesting to see how

it ends, with the plan that the team put into place all but a complete failure.

This season look for Kellog to be as ruthless as the original Alec. Also there is a chance that Brad and Kiera will be separated, as they had to flee from the soldiers that came for them through the time portal.

Does this mean that they didn’t change the future? And do you think the series should have been 7-10 seasons?

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