‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Sets Up For Ninth Season


For eight seasons Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has been a great show with exclusive insight into the lives of celebrities. There is a lot more to this show than the comedy, and there are some really genuine moments to be found. Who can forget Jim Carey, or even the way Seinfeld had to endure YouTube star Miranda? While some guests come in character, there are many that act like themselves- and that is where the charm comes from.

Now the show will prepare for a ninth season, and some of the celebrities have already been leaked. Christoph Waltz, Cedric the Entertainer, Norm Macdonald, Kristen Wig and more will be in the upcoming season. Part talk show, part comedy and part auto show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. There is no subject that is off limits, and this show should receive an award for the professional grade editing that is done on each episode. Cutting down the most entertaining bits into 20 minutes per episode is amazing when you consider the filming time. And they do it in such a fluid way that it doesn’t interrupt the action while the viewer is watching. Crackle has released a trailer that both old and new viewers will find interesting.

So far there are 53 episodes that have aired since 2012, and the show has traditionally stuck to comedians but has also had non-comedians on the show. One of the best episodes ever had Jason Alexander in character on the show, and it was almost like a Seinfeld mini reunion. Look for the new season to come out on January 5th, which gives viewers plenty of time to binge watch old episodes!

What was the best episode of the show so far? Is Seinfeld an underrated entertainer?

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