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AHC has yet to officially confirm the fate of Cold War: Armageddon Season 2

Release Date of #CWA S2: To be announced

Cold War Armageddon is a new docu-series recently premiering on the American Heroes Channel. This show is centering on the Cold War era, the period between shortly after World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union. During this time, Russia, China, and the United States flexed their military muscles in a time of unprecedented tension, each superpower looking to impart their vision of what the world’s future should be. This eight-part series promises to revisit the era when the push of a single button could trigger mass destruction, and one of the greatest power struggles the world has ever seen.

The show will premiere with an episode titled “Rise of the Superpowers” explaining both how the U.S. and Russia came to power as well as the arms race and propaganda battles that many most associate with the Cold War, especially in its beginning. Other topics for this season include paranoia, covering the decade of paranoia known as the 1950’s in the wake of the culture clash between capitalism and communism. Another topic is revolution, showing the series of revolutions that Eastern Europeans set off as Russia sealed itself behind the Iron Curtain, separating loved ones in an attempt to stave off capitalism.

The show will be produced by Big Media and KM Plus Media with Martin Kase, Danny Wilk and Jon Loew as executive producers, and Max Serio as producer. Working with the American Heroes Channel are Ron Simon as executive producer, Shane Bowler as the producer, Sara Kozak as senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett as general manager, and Henry Schleiff as Group President of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, and Destination America.

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There’s no shortage of history programs out there on a variety of channels, but for a variety of reasons, the Cold War era is a bit more underserved. Whether it’s because of the element of secrecy and relatively recent nature of many of the events, or the fact that there’s simply a lack of first-hand accounts and evidence to portray compared to eras like World War II, the Cold War isn’t entirely as saturated, and much of the knowledge out there tends to be skewed one way or the other. American Heroes Channel prides itself on high-quality history content, and one way to turn heads is by featuring more underserved subjects. Considering the fact that many have shown disapproval of more mainstream channels like the History Channel leaving its roots in favor of reality television, maybe Cold War Armageddon will be a sign of things to come. What do you think? Are there other eras you would rather learn


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Michael F. Johnson, Ph.D.
Michael F. Johnson, Ph.D.
8 days 2 hours ago

What I saw over the last few days in Cold War Armageddon disturbed me greatly. I saw no mention of the mass murders by Che in Cuba and his exporting bloody revolution to other S.A. countries. The show on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan glossed over the brutality of that invasion and made Carter out to be the bad guy for boycotting the Olympics over that brutal invasion. Carter showed great courage and correct indignation. Then the series did not even mention the American Students being terrorized in Grenada by the Cubans and its new Leninist regime, which precipitated the invasion. It also portrayed our invasion as having devastated the wonderful education, healthcare and economic “progress” made by the Soviet and Cuban backed Marxists, as if it was benign (like Afghanistan). The last straw was the segment on Nicaragua. The Sandinistas were portrayed as merely benign social heroes and the Contras as Somoza loving thugs and mass murderers who destroyed all of the social progress of the benign (sic) Sandinista regime. I shut off the show as it shifted to “Star Wars” instead of pointing out that the bloody Leninist Sandinistas were thrown out in a free election. When it comes to propaganda I follow the maxim that a half-truth can be a whole lie, because lies are in the intent not the content. The producers of that show know the whole truth and chose to use the half truth to peddle a whole lie.

Michael F. Johnson, Ph.D.
Michael F. Johnson, Ph.D.
7 days 21 hours ago

By the way. I forgot. About “Cold War Armageddon” I won’t be watching the next edition of postmodern revisionism masquerading as history. That is for people who watch space aliens on the other channels..