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‘Cold Feet’ Moved To A Different Timeslot


Well, this is unfortunate news for fans of the long running series. Cold Feet has been moved for its own protection due to it being on at the same time as BBC One’s Poldark. Set to premiere on Sunday, the show is now being rescheduled for a Monday or Friday premiere. This is more than an oversight by the network, considering that Poldark was a huge hit in that timeslot long before they decided on that premiere date.

Cold Feet is returning after 13 years and is one of the biggest comebacks of the season, expecting to bring in lots of new and old fans. The finale alone brought over 10 million viewers, so it is a bit unusual that the network would be concerned about protecting it from a show that is a completely different category.

The move is also more confusing for ITV since they are already getting spanked by the BBC in that timeslot, even though ITV’s Vera is pulling respectable numbers. Taking cold feet out of the battle before it starts does not send a good message to the show’s producers, actors or fans. There are also concerns of missing out on a usually relaxed Sunday audience compared to a workweek struck Monday audience. The huge risk wasn’t leaving Cold Feet in its current timeslot, it was taking it out of it and putting it on weekdays!

Reports also indicate they are looking to attract younger viewers by casting younger members on the show. Combining that revelation with the recent switch in time looks very bad for the show, which was expected to be the same with only minor changes. So far, these are big changes and they are not looking good.

Do you think the show should have been left on Sunday? What do you think of them adding younger cast members?

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