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‘Cold Feet’ Making A Comeback?


In an amazing bit of news, Cold Feet is coming back on the air after being off since 2003. To put things into perspective, the show started in 1998! This can be good news or bad news depending on how it is done, and with them bring the entire cast back, there are some risks involved.

When it was on the air, Cold Feet was one of the most beloved shows on ITV. It was all about the relationship of three couples in Manchester and how they dealt with the ups and downs of being together. This was a very real, unapologetic look at relationships of that generation and was the best show of its kind when it was on the air.

The show at times would have just enough romance to make it bearable, then in the next scene break your heart into a million pieces and make you clutch the person next to you. Then after a commercial break, the show would make you laugh so hard you’d cry. This was pretty much the rollercoaster ride of Cold Feet, and a big part of what made it great.

Hermione Norris, John Thompson, James Nesbitt, Faye Ripley and Robert Bathurst are all set to return in the new eight part series. In the opening episode they will pay tribute to cast member Helen Baxendale, whose character Rachel was killed off in the original series. That’s a pretty nice thing to do, and a good step in moving forward with the new series. Cold Feet was great at examining the core of relationships when it was on the air, but now that it’s coming back in a different generation, is it able to update its message?

How well will Cold Feet do in 2016? Is the show too old to be brought back for modern viewing?

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