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‘Cold Feet’ Did What?


It seems as though the writers of Cold Feet are big The Walking Dead fans. In one of the biggest cliffhangers in the show, for a good minute fans were wondering if their favorite character was gone for good. That character is of course Pete, a man that has been battling depression for most of the series.

  1. Pete did NOT die. It was another one of his visions. Not only was the entire scene acted perfectly, but it showed a great awareness by the writers about how to script the entire episode. This was one of Cold Feet’s best episodes, and may end up a top three pick.
  2. The episode aired on World Mental Health Day and is already being praised as one of the most accurate portrayals of depression on television. There are awards in the future for this episode, as it continues to tug at the heartstrings of its viewers. Even if the fake out was shocking, it was done in a way that didn’t leave viewers with a bad taste in their mouth.
  3. There are still two more episodes to go! There is no telling how they are going to top this one, as it sucked the wind out of everyone involved. On the plus side it seems the worst of Petes depression is over with, as he realized his family loves them and he will always have their support.
  4. Social media is still buzzing about the episode which is great news for ITV. Cold Feet was killing it in the ratings and now the show is creating even more buzz online. This has got to be the most successful reboot of a series in history.

The writers will have to work overtime to find a way to top this episode. Yet there is no doubt they will find a way to keep fans on the edge of their seat.

What did you think of Pete’s fake suicide? Was it the best episode of the year?

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