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‘Cold Feet’ Becomes A Huge Success Story


When it was announced that the cast of Cold Feet was getting back together to reboot the show, it seemed like a desperate cash grab. The show had been off the air for years, with several fans moving on to bigger and better shows. Not only did Cold Feet return and was a smash hit, but it changed how producers should look at rebooting series. ITV feels the same way, and is looking to bring the show back next year for another round.

The cast is celebrating because they’re old comeback show is destroying all rivals in the same timeslot. It is an unconventional win for a show that was supposed to be another reboot in a sea of yearly reboots. With the second series being commissioned, there will be even higher expectations to meet. That was probably the talk around dinner time when the cast and executives from Big Talk were eating at Locanda Locatelli. The expensive Michelin starred restaurant was the perfect place to wind down after a year of success, and to game plan for the next series.

All of the cast was present at the dinner except for Hermione Norris, as her star is rising and she is working on other projects. This will be standard fare for the rest of the cast as well, since now is the best time to secure projects in order to be free to film the next series of Cold Feet. ITV took a big risk in bringing the show back, with a gamble that will be paying dividends for years. Without making the plot too convoluted they managed to resurrect one of the best shows in years and still keep the charm that made the fans love it.

What do you think of the current status of Cold Feet? Will the next series be just as good?

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