‘Code Black’ Strikes Again!


Code Black was an interesting show that came out in the middle of the year and had a good run. Meant to be a fill in show, it attracted enough of an audience that CBS granted it a season 2. The first thing the show did after getting the renewal was shocking to say the least, and started a spiral of unthinkable events. They fired two of the main characters that were essential to the storyline, then promoted a character that could play an antagonist. No good reason was given for the firing, although some speculate it was to skew younger in the ratings.

Going for younger doctors seemed to be the case, as they hired three actors to replace the two main characters they fired, with all of them being younger. The problem is they gave the actors some of the most cliché storylines in all of television history. If there was a trope meter for the show, it would blow up when trying to sound an alert.

The biggest signing and the one that completely came out of left field was when they hired Rob Lowe as a doctor in a leadership position. So much for that plan of going with a younger audience! He also received the cliché character treat, probably far worse than any of the new additions.

Now there is word that Cameryn Manheim, Eric Roberts and Alexandra Grey will guest star in a single episode of the series titled ‘Life and Limb’. While this is a cool concept to get all of these great actors to sign on for one show, did it have to be Code Black? Because if it was any other show, this would be the coolest combination of celebrities since ‘Oceans 11’.

What do you think about the three guest spots? Are they just priming them for a permanent role?

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