‘Code Black’ Prepares For Second Season


There are a lot of things that have irked fans of Code Black since the season ended, and it starts and stops with the casting. Now that season two is about to make its grand entrance, executive producer Michael Seitzman began to reflect on all the offseason moves that destroyed the chemistry of the cast. At the top of the list was the departures of two of their main characters, Christa Lorenson and Neal Hudson. He talked about the hardest thing being trying to fit in a storyline that addresses what happens to them, and like all of the other writers he came up short.

When actors Bonnie Somerville and Raza Jaffrey were fired from the show, it left a big gap in not only the cast, but also the plotline. Explaining them away is a task that not even Stephen King could manage coherently, which is why the creative team at Code Black is hitting a wall. To Seitman’s credit, he is against not addressing it at all as that isn’t genuine. Yet that may be his only choice, but it isn’t all bad.

By not addressing it at all, that takes out the finality of it. When the show premieres on September 28th, if it can somehow survive this massive makeover there is a small possibility that the two characters can make a surprise return! It also helps that Seitman is real good friends with both actors, with Raza living right up the street from his house. Ignoring it is a horrible idea, yet it is the least horrible idea that works. Now if the show goes downhill in season two, then nobody wins and it’s back to the drawing board for CBS.

Do you think the fired characters can make a triumphant return next season? Will Code Black even survive until season 3?

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