‘Code Black’ Makes a Bold Move


CBS is not starving for evening dramas, so the success of Code Black in season 1 surprised a lot of people. But now in a move that is catching everyone off guard, the show sent away main characters Christa Lorenson and Neal Hudson. Actors Bonnie Somerville and Raza Jaffrey were both well liked regulars, and it is a shame to see them go. Code Black had really good numbers for a freshman show on an 18 episode run, and it remains to be seen whether this shake up will be a good move or a bad move. Considering the move was made to appeal to a wider demographic, what other changes have they made?

Boris Kodjoe who is the series main antagonist has been promoted to a regular member. This is a comfortable move for the show, as his character rubs a lot of the others the wrong way. At the very least they will have a way to play through his plotline to the end. This isn’t the only change CBS will be making as it retools the series, and the exit of two of the main characters has already got some fans heated.

Code Black pulled in almost 8 million viewers during its first season, with an average 1.3 demo rating. When counting in DVR playback that number goes even higher for the drama series. There is really no right guess to how this will either help or damage the series, and with all of the current storylines still in play, it could cause a big setback if it gets cancelled after season 2. Code Black was a lot different from ‘ER’ and served as a good take on the hospital environment. Here’s to hoping that it stays on the air and finishes it intended run.

How do you feel about the cast changes? Do you think it will be around after season 2?


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