‘Code Black’ Is Officially A Different Show


The amount of effort being put in by CBS to destroy Code Black is baffling, and is unlike anything seen on modern television. The show has cast yet another regular to the ever changing main cast, and it is none other than Rob Lowe. He will join what is basically a brand new cast in the second season of the show, which looks nothing like the first season in either story, or characters.

Lowe will play Col. Ethan Willis, former Military doctor in the Combat Casualty Care research program. He was pulled out of combat in Afghanistan and sent to Angels Memorial in order to share his knowledge about the advancements in combat medicine. In the common television trope, Willis will be the loose cannon of the show and is considered aggressive and rule breaking. This will of course put him at odds with several characters including Dr. Leanne Rorish, who is as by the book as a doctor can get.

With a season 2 premiere date of September 28, several fans have already sworn off the show even before they signed Lowe. Lowe became a free agent after FOX canceled ‘The Grinder’ after a single season, and there is no word on whether Michael Seitzman was part of the recruiting process. Seitzman has been an angel during all of these changes in the show, and recently answered critics and fans questions about all of the changes. They didn’t like the answers, but he does get points for defending his show.

Code Black is really in a bad position, and its future is in serious jeopardy. It’s hard to believe it was one of the most popular shows on the network last year, with equal critical acclaim.

Did signing Rob Lowe hurt or help the show? What are the long term future prospects of the show?

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