‘Code Black’ Can’t Help Itself


If you blink fast enough you’ll miss the cast members that were on Code Black last season. The surprise hit show keeps adding, subtracting and adding more characters to the show. This is on top of the networks bizarre move to change its timeslot, which may come at a cost of viewers. The show is looking more and more like a completely different show than what it was in the first season, which isn’t good for the upcoming season 2.

Fans are still fuming over the loss of characters Neal and Christa, and for what seemed like no apparent reason. The promoted Boris Kodjoe and Jillian Murray didn’t make fans happy, and that was weeks ago. Now the show has trotted out 3 new actors, and people are now wondering why Neal and Christa were let go in the first place.

Noah Gray-Cabey who is known for his role as Micah Sanders on ‘Heroes’ will play Elliot Han, a new doctor at Angels who was an ace student in school. Going from the books to the hospital will put him in his place as he learns the ups and downs of his new career.

Emily Tyra from ‘Flesh and Bone’ will take on the role of Dr. Noa Kean, a surfer with book smarts who grew up on the mean streets of California. Her tough neighborhood kept her grounded but never kept her from achieving her goals to become a doctor. She has a short fuse, which is especially short for those that are over privileged.

And lastly there is Nafessa Williams from ‘One Life to Live’. She will be Charlotte Piel, a former child star who left acting to become a full time doctor. Reportedly, the producers are looking to add one more male member to the cast. The show is heading for a cancellation sooner rather than later, and it’s sad to say since the first season was so promising.

When will Code Black be cancelled? Will the new characters destroy the show?

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