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Food Network is yet to decide on the future of the Clash of the Grandmas for Season 3

Release Date of #ClashGrandmas S3: To be announced

Elderly people often get the short end of the stick in terms of representation on the media. Despite the fact that they are a major demographic watching television, we can name but a few examples of shows starring geriatrics. There was Matlock and Golden Girls a few decades ago. These were often referenced as examples of such programming by people who were around to watch the re-runs of those old shows. The field is, and perhaps always has been, dominated by actors under 50. In fact, it seems that the elderly are being featured even less than ever on television these days.

Clash of the Grandmas on the Food Network is making the old concept seem new for the cooking competition show. It’s probably never been done before. Cooking competitions generally involve adults and frequently spin-offs with children, but to put older people on the screen against each other hasn’t been done much. It is strange, to say the least. Just to name one example of geriatric success in the field of television chefs, Julia Child had how-to shows on cooking well into her 80’s, inspiring many with her cooking skills.

The counter-argument might go that Julia Child was revered as an instructor. She was quirky, true, but she was also serious and methodical. These are good qualities in an instructor, but perhaps network executives might not see this as something that leads to high ratings. #ClashGrandmas is a humorous and competent showing in this category of reality television. The sense of humor often revolves around some curmudgeonly qualities, such as a complete lack of concern about what other people think of them or their slow movement in their old age, but it can be just as funny, if not funnier, than any other competitive reality shows. There is no difference in the quality of the cooking. The grannies, all of whom have many years of cooking experience, make attractive and creative dishes given the theme of the challenge.

This is the second year the show has run, but the network still has not made its status clear. In 2015, it was known as a “holiday special.” Here, too, it is taking place during the holiday season and the competition requires meals involving Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is unclear if the Food Network will ever formalize the show or keep running it under these conditions as they find convenient. As of yet, the show is but a drop in the water in terms of viewer interest. It has insufficient ratings on IMBD to have a numerical grade. While journalists mention it somewhat frequently, the six-episode length is probably insufficient to leave much of an impact.

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It could be that the Food Network will air this show in subsequent years, but nothing

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