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The Third season of the Animation series Clarence premiered on January 13, 2017

S3 Started January 13, 2017

The second season of the animated series, Clarence, aired on January 18th, 2016. #Clarence is an American animated series, which airs on the Cartoon Network and is created by Skyler Page. The pilot episode first aired on February 17th, 2014 and the series officially premiered on April 14th, 2014 and there have been over fifty episodes since the pilot episode.

The story of the show revolves around a boy named #Clarence and two of his very best friends, Jeff and Sumo. Reception to the show thus far has been very positive. The official premiere of the show had over 2.3 million viewers; in July 2015 it was decided to renew the series for a second season.  The pilot episode was nominated for a “Creative Arts Emmy Award”.

Where did the idea for the show originate?

Skyler Page developed the series at the Cartoon Network Studios as part of their “shorts development program” in 2012. In a past life, Page was a storyboard artist for Adventure Time and a revisionist for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Page graduated from the California Institute of Arts and was one of the youngest writers at the Cartoon Network at the age of 24. The show was intended to be created with a “naturalistic tone, similar to cartoons of the 1990s, combined with a more modern feeling”.  The show was also intended to be fun and to empower kids.

Who is @Clarence Wendell?

@Clarence Wendell is the main character of the animated series. He is an eight-year old boy who is described as “optimistic, spirited, and fun-loving”. Clarence lives with his mother and her boyfriend in the fictional city Aberdale in the real state of Arizona. Each episode focuses on the day-to-day adventures and situations that Clarence and his friends encounter. There are other characters often featured in the cartoon series, which include teachers and kids at Clarence’s school and the townspeople of Aberdale.

Clarence’s best friend is Jeff, who is a brainy, intellectual (booksmart) young gentleman. Clarence’s other best friend is Sumo; Sumo follows his gut feeling and is much more intuitive than Jeff, but he also takes “drastic” measures when trying to solve problems. Jeff and Sumo often do not see eye to eye on situations, and aren’t as well liked among the other students as Clarence is. Clarence is extremely loyal to his friends though and often is able to “mend the gap” between them when they are butting heads.

Who does the voiceovers for the cartoon characters?

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The creator of the show, Skyler Page, was the voiceover for Clarence in the first 36 episodes (except for episodes 33-34). After the 36th episode, Spencer Rothbell (who is also one of the writers behind the show) became the voice of Clarence. The voice of Clarence’s best friend Jeff comes from Sean Giambrone, and the voice of Ryan “Sumo” Sumozski comes from Tom Kenney.

How long is each episode?

The running time of each episode is approximately eleven minutes.

Why did Spencer Rothbell take over Clarence’s voice? 

It was reported that Skyler Page was fired from Cartoon Network Studios in 2014 due to allegations of sexual assault. The show is intended for children so this certainly isn’t the image they want associated with them! After Page’s dismissal, Spencer Rothbell became the head of story and took over Clarence’s voice. The creative director Nelson Boles became the supervising producer and show runner.

What can we expect

from season two? 

We are already part of the way through season two and it’s back to all of the same fun and shenanigans. We’ve already seen Clarence help Mr. Reese find the culprit who put meatball sauce all over his car and put his artistic vision to print by drawing a comic for the school paper. The first season had 51 episodes, so there is undoubtedly still plenty of episodes left to catch this season!

Clarence is returning for season 3 on Cartoon Network. The January 13th premiere will show just how funny a crudely drawn offbeat comedy can be. Clarence is full of life and believes he can do anything, and be anything!

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