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Season 2 of Clarence debuted on January 18, 2016

S2 Started January 18, 2016

Nine year old Clarence Wendell is an optimistic kid that sees the good in everything. His friends Jeffery Randell, Ryan Sumozski mean the world to him. A lot of parallels can be drawn between the characters #Clarence and “Moral Orel”, with the major difference being that #Clarence has a huge heart and puts his friends before himself.

The animation style is similar to many of the pilots on Cartoon Network but the show yet has a charm that will make you nostalgic on first watch. There is a surprising bit of mild adult humor inserted into the series, and the main character is a very charismatic draw just for some of the decisions he makes.

Skyler Page

Regrettably Skyler Dale Page, the creator and voice actor for @Clarence, was fired from the show. Some of his other notable work was as a storyboard artist for the excellent “Adventure Time” and as a revisionist for “Secret Mountain Fort Awesome”. There are allegations brought forth by a subordinate about his behavior that not only rocked twitter, but a couple of other media outlets as well.

Some close friends have come to his defense and brought to life his struggles with Bipolar I which leads to psychotic episodes and in some cases mimics’ orders like schizophrenia. His firing took place on July 2014, and the voice of @Clarence will be replaced with staff writer Spencer Rothbell. There are no plans to bring Skylar back onto the show in the future, and currently there is no known legal action from either side taking place.

Favorite Episodes

“Man of the House” was inspired by events that many of us can recall from being left home alone. Before his mom and Chad leaves him in the house he has to endure a Man of the House speech, that immediately goes to waste once they leave him alone. In a “House Party” like moment, Clarence gets Jeff and Sumo from hiding and the three friends have the house all to themselves.

The kids cause all types of minor destruction around the house while living out their fun fantasy lands. The problem is of course that Chad has to go back to the house to retrieve some backstage passes he left. Upon entering the house he falls into home invader traps set by the kids and has to go to the emergency room.

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Another good episode is “Average Jeff” where Jeff gets put in the crayon class and has to make some adjustments to his life and friends.

Although he is in the same class as his friends, he feels he is better than them and would rather be in the advanced class. He spends the episode trying to sneak into the advanced class, and is denied to the point that he ends up losing his mind. The entire episode is really well done and can be described as trippy in an endearing way.

Season 2

Even with Skyler Page no longer being with the show Cartoon Network has renewed it for a 2nd season with no set date, but will most likely be later in December 2015. There was some speculation on the shows future

with the incident, but the popularity of Clarence outshined the controversy enough for them to keep it around.

Whether it will have a snowball effect with other shows on the network is another story, but I would still expect this show to come back for a third and even fourth season.

Are you following the Skyler Page story as it unfolds? And do you think the show will be the same without the creator at the helm?

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