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No decision has been made as to when production of Claimed and Shamed Season 9 will resume

Release Date of #ClaimedShamed S9: To be announced

What People Try To Get Away With.

Claimed and Shamed is into its eighth season now, with all the same antics and exciting take-downs. This series, co-produced by BBC One and Cineflix Productions, is a documentary style show that highlights the world of insurance fraud. This show is hosted by Ore Oduba, the well-known TV personality who was moving his way through the eliminations on the BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing series fourteen this year.

Some people will go to great lengths to be dishonest, even for relatively small amounts of cash. This series exposes the growing threat in the UK of people making claims which cannot be proven true. When an accident or theft happens, the claimant and their story are investigated by a representative from the insurance company before any payment is made.

This show goes from the insurance office to the investigation to the hunt for these frauds, in an effort to take them down and shame them for trying to swindle the system. Each episode shows a main storyline with side-stories and factoids about the big business of fraud against insurance companies. Often, they will produce the original CCTV film showing people being caught in the act before making the claim that it wasn’t them.

Season 7 aired on BBC One and Two, beginning in October 2016. Across the 10 episodes of this season, people are busted out by the investigators for claiming outlandish things, such as: they can’t work when they are proven perfectly fit; their son destroyed a valuable work of art when it was actually themselves who did the destruction; they were personally injured when CCTV shows something completely different; their ‘lost’ mobile magically sends emails after being lost; they were in a car accident and it was actually staged. Plus, people are caught selling bogus insurance policies to unsuspecting citizens, some even end up fleeing the country.

Reviews Are Harsh.

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IMDb voters rank the show at 6.0 out of 10, and viewers comments are more so illuminating the fact that insurance companies are more often the ones committing fraud, going so far as to conveniently destroy evidence and over-charge elderly customers for nothing more than an invisible product called ‘peace-of-mind’ or a false sense of security.

While there isn’t any viewership data for this show, the series seems popular enough that BBC One and Cineflix will likely keep it returning. Neither of the co-producers have made any official announcements about the future of this series, so stay tuned to find out.

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