Christina Hendricks Set to Wow the Cast at Hap and Leonard, SundanceTV


The enigmatic Christina Hendricks has been cast in the upcoming series Hap and Leonard. Hendricks is best known for her five nominated award winning role in the well-known series Mad Men aired by AMC. This time she changes from Joan Holloway, to Trudy.

Hap and Leonard, which is Sundance TVs new series, is a collection of eight novels, written by American author Joe Lansdale. The storyline is one of two unlikely friends meeting up in order to fight crime.

Hap Collins, played by James Purefoy, has spent time in prison for avoiding military call up and an avid hater of violence and Leonard, played by Michael Williams, is a gay black Vietnam veteran who has serious anger issues.

Whilst Leonard has no issues with brandishing guns and weapons, Hap, has a hatred of weapons and even did a working stint in a rose field. The two work for former police officer turned PI, Marvin Hanson. It has been said that the character Hap is very in tune with writer Lansdale’s character. While Leonard is often angry and rage-full, Hap is mostly lovesick and peaceful. The odd couple clearly have a great chemistry, which will be seen in the 6 part series.

Together they pair up to solve particularly brutal and bizarre crimes in a fictional town called LeBorde, situated in Texas. Hendricks, who is not only famous for her great acting ability but stupendous hour-glass figure is looking forward to working on the series.

Hendricks plays Haps ex-wife and makes a return to his life after two years, with a proposition he cannot refuse. Hap shows throughout the series, to be unable to forget his ex-wife, so her appearance will be well situated. After all, would you be able to forget your wife if it looked like her?

Hendricks is well known for her irresistible beauty and unbelievable curves as well as her power of men can be seen in her last series Mad Men. Her performance was so revered that both men and women could not help falling in love with her. With all of this on board, she is set to be an incredible asset to the series. We know that we cannot wait to see how she performs.

The all star cast is set to make this 6 hour long series a sure winner, with gritty characters and interesting storyline. Hap and Leonard is set to air on Sundance TV, in 2016 and is well worth looking out for.

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