‘Celebs Go Dating’ Takes On Joey Essex


Saying that Joey Essex got off to a bad start on his date would be an understatement. Yet, it is this type of a disaster that makes Celebs Go Dating must watch television! The show is about following a handpicked group of six celebrities as they go on dates with non-celebrities. It’s such an awful idea in reality, yet such a wonderful train wreck for reality entertainment.

Besides picking some of the most outspoken celebrities to date, the show makes it a point to highlight the worst moments. In the lineup so far is Charlotte Crosby, Stephanie Pratt, Tyger Drew-Honey, Tattoo Fixer’s Praisley and YouTube’s Jack Jones. Yes, they even threw in a YouTube star.

But the date that has caught everyone’s attention is Joey Essex, when he took out Flo to the Sugar Hut. When Flo eats a lemon from his drink, it has a very bad effect on her. In fact, it is one of the weirdest things the viewership will ever see from someone eating a lemon. Her body goes into a burping fit, and being the gentleman that Joey is, he offers to pat her on the back like a baby until she is done.

To his credit, he tried for a bit to help before letting her get it out of her system. It’s scenes like this that make Celebs Go Dating a fun show to pass the time with. Even if the date was some type of plant, there is something comforting in knowing that celebrities have bad dating experiences like regular folk. So far the series has gained some pretty good ratings, and is expected to climb as they go further into the dating hijinks.

Which celebrity would you like to see on the show? So far, which date has been the funniest or most entertaining?

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