‘Celebrity Name Game’ Gets Cancelled


The syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game has been officially cancelled after only three seasons on the air. Executive produced by David Arquette and Courtney Cox, the show will at least complete its current third year run before being taken off the air. Ratings have been solid worldwide for the show, but like all shows in the modern era that wasn’t enough.

Celebrity Name Game was based on the board game Identity Crisis. The show would pair celebrities with regular contestants in a bid to win $20,000. It was a pretty fun show that had a lot in common with the current crop of celebrity themed game shows popping up around the world. They had the charming host, they were backed by celebrities and their syndication allowed them worldwide exposure. Even Scott St. John became a rock star behind the camera as the showrunner due to his great job of handling the show.

Scott Ferguson as host will be missed, which is a shame since he is a two time Daytime Emmy Award winner. So, one again- how does this get cancelled? If average ratings aren’t to blame, then being syndicated may be the real culprit. Not having a dedicated network may have hurt the prospects of the show in the long run. In the original deal, Celebrity Name Game was meant to be a CBS show. It would have been perfect on the network, and right at home with their other game shows.

Now it will fade into oblivion, with virtually no chance of saving it. On the bright side, this leaves an opening in Ferguson’s schedule to make a run at a late night gig. Could it happen for a second time?

What would you think of Ferguson returning to late night? Does he still have what it takes to host an entertaining talk show?

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