CBS Looking at New ‘Miss Marple’ Series


When someone mentions Agatha Christie, most people will automatically think of Hercule Poirot, but the mystery writer also has another very popular character in the form of Miss Marple. The lady detective is an older woman who is as sharp as a tack with a mild and unassuming manner. Miss Marple has appeared in several Agatha Christie novels and short stories and was also the focus of a long running television series.

Now CBS is interesting in bring the character back with one key difference! Due to her age, Miss Marple has always appealed to an older demographic – the type of people who enjoy Murder, She Wrote. However, this is not the demographic that CBS are most interested in capturing and so they have decided to make the character a much younger one! At the moment, the new Miss Marple appears to be a young woman who inherits her grandmother’s book shop in a small California town. She will then become the local private detective and will tackle a brand new mystery each week in a standard crime procedural format.

This is a genre that CBS have excelled in with hits such as NCIS, CSI, Person of Interest and many others all having aired on the network, so it certainly seems like a good fit. Agatha Christie’s work has never relied heavily on character development – instead going for a very simple and self-contained ‘whodunnit’ style of mystery which would actually lend itself very well to a procedural style television show.

The biggest hurdle that CBS are going to face is likely to be selling the younger version of the character to fans of the books! There were rumours of Disney attempting this a while back and it did not go down well, but the addition of the grandmother in the backstory could help, especially if CBS end up using her as the original Miss Marple who is passing the torch to her younger relative!mi

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