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It was announced that Catch a Contractor would not return for a Fourth season

#CatchContractor Cancelled, No Season Four :(

Catch a Contractor is a reality series airing on Spike. The series stars host, Adam Carolla, and contractors Skip and Alison Bedell. The series premiered in March 2014 and has seen three seasons so far. There has been no announcement about a fourth season yet.

What It’s About?

The trio help out homeowners who may be getting cheated by scamming contractors. At the beginning of the episode the three meet with the homeowners to find out exactly what work was supposed to be done, how much of it is finished, and how much they were to be paid for the work. The get as much information about the contractor as they can before starting the process.

Then Alison finds the contractor and performs a sting operation to get them to work on a fake project. Once the contractor comes to the fake project Skip and Adam go in and confront the contractor with all the information they have on them. They are given three options after that. They may return what was paid them by the homeowner, fix the work under the watchful eyes of Adam and Skip, or do nothing and the homeowner will file a civil suit.

Most contractors choose the second option. Once they come back to do the work they are confronted by the homeowners themselves. After this the homeowners are put up in a hotel until the work is finished. After the work is finished the homeowner gets to see the result and talk with the contractor one last time, at which time the contractor usually apologizes.

Where We Left Off?

In the finale for season 3, a family was living with an unfinished bathroom because of their contractor and they were shocked when they found what he had left behind in their wall. Skip and Adam get him to come back and finish his work properly, but not before the man has a breakdown and cries.

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What’s Next?

The future of the show is uncertain at this time as there has been no announcement of plans for a fourth season.
This is likely because of the pending lawsuit which was filed in March. The contractor was suing for defamation of character, violation of rights to name, fraud, and false imprisonment.
The claim was filed on work that had begun in 2013, which required an engineering proposal so he was forced to stop. The family moved into the home regardless and then cancelled his contract. This is when he was on the show where he says he was forced to sign papers that would supposedly cause no further repercussions. But the contract he signed was changed days later and he was branded a criminal by the show and the homeowners.

With such bad press the showrunners will probably be waiting a bit before making any announcements for future plans for the series. If a new season is ordered we will be seeing a whole new season of sleazy contractors getting their comeuppance and families will be getting their houses back from construction zone status.

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