Cancellation Rumors For ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’


The Real Housewives of New Jersey could be looking at a cancellation after its season 7 reunion show on November 13th. Ever since Teresa Giudice went to prison in 2015, the show has been in a downward spiral. Even when she returned later in the year, the producers thought so little of the show they put it on hiatus. Executives felt without the spark plug of the show, that ratings would suffer. But when season seven premiered, ratings were low, and rumors of a season eight seemed to be out of the question. What can the show do to keep itself relevant, and is it all on Giudice’s shoulder to create fake conflict?

Since going to prison, the returning Giudice was more reserved. It was similar to how Joseline Hernandez on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta turned from being a hot tempered fighter to a messy gossiper. The change was subtle, but she was still the same person. Giudice seems to have done a full 180, and now prays, keeps the peace and does yoga. It doesn’t help that she is on probation, so keeping up good behavior is a must. The fact is this new Teresa doesn’t make for good reality television, and the writers really can’t help.

This means that other players had to come in and take command, become the new Giudice. Laurita doesn’t seem to be suited to take over, and neither does Jacqueline. But Kim D. seems to be a mini-Giudice in training, and has shown that she is more than capable of ruffling a few feathers. The problem? She doesn’t get enough screen time. Kim needs to be marketed by the show if it is going to make it to an eighth season, which is looking less likely by the week.

What do you think of the new and improved Teresa? Who is the best character on the show?

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7 months 17 days ago

It is time for them to go away.

Teresa R
Teresa R
7 months 14 days ago

Yeah, the show has gotten really boring. It’s not Teresa’s fault though. The wives just aren’t interesting enough now.

6 months 28 days ago

Did Kim D write this lmao?!?! NJ will have an 8th season..its the 2nd or 3rd highest rated show on the network.