Can ‘The Beast’ Change Medical Dramas Forever?


After seeing what Code Black has devolved to in one season, it’s hard to get excited about a new medical drama on broadcast television. Chicago Med has done well and Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air. But the days of blockbuster medical dramas like House or E.R. are long gone, and have been for a while.

Now a former E.R. veteran is coming out of nowhere and looks to be delivering some of that old magic again. The Beast is written by Neal Baer and Dawn DeNoon, and should not be confused with Feed the Beast, which recently got cancelled. Besides the E.R. connection, Baer and DeNoon worked together on Law & Order: SVU. So there is some major history there, especially considering Baer was showrunner for eleven season’s total.

The Beast is definitely something a little different, which each episode consisting around three medical cases. There is one guarantee with these cases, and that’s two will live while one will die. Now at first it sounds like an insane way to do a show, and it is. But fans should give it a chance as Baer and DeNoon have a really good chance of reviving the medical genre, bringing back the glory days where it was must see television.

This is the third sale for Baer at FOX, and his name brand keeps heating up. The Beast will have to bring in viewers that like shock value in their shows, with the pro being that one episode will both introduce and solve a case rather than dragging it out. No actors have been set up to star, with the bulk of the project still in development. When it finishes, it will be a one of a kind medical drama for the FOX network.

Will this change the medical genre on television? Or will it be just another scripted medical show?

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