Can ‘Muscle Beach’ Get The Exposure It Needs?


USA networks has given a series order for Muscle Beach, the new scripted drama that will be executive produced by Dwayne Johnson. There is no word on whether he will star in it or not, but his Bucks Productions and Flynn Picture Company is behind the making of the series. It should be noted that Johnson is expected to star in the series, but prior commitments with HBO may have the show choosing a different lead. Stay tuned later in the month for some clarification on that.

The show is about a group of men in the 80’s that want to tone their bodies to an excessive degree. By sculpting their bodies, they start a new fitness movement in Los Angeles. Hard bodies, people with dreams of becoming better even at the cost of their own health and cheating will be the storylines that drive the series. The show is being touted as one of a kind, and that just isn’t true.

For anyone that remembers the news recently, it is hard to ignore Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bid to CBS for ‘Pump’, a similar show about his early days working on in Venice Beach. The 8 episode drama has a more serious tone than Muscle Beach, which is meant to be tongue in cheek. Yet it sounds oddly familiar, and already seems like the inferior show.

And if that wasn’t enough, Johnson starred alongside Marc Wahlberg in ‘Pain & Gain’, a movie about a trio of guys who will do anything to achieve their dream of muscle building and riches. Muscle Beach also sounds inferior to that premise, so where exactly does it stand? Even if Johnson decides to star in it, there are many more projects on his plate that are better than this.

Will Muscle Beach disappoint in the ratings? What other shows about muscle building do you like?

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