Can ‘Incorporated’ Live Up To The Hype?


It’s hard to place Incorporated in a serious light after watching what Syfy did to 12 Monkeys. The show has all of the right pieces, and it starts and ends with executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. They are pushing the series hard, Incorporated-new-trailer-released/”>with a new trailer that is so high impact it puts Mr. Robot to shame.

The futuristic thriller is about corporations in an era where their power is unlimited. That includes all the secrets, lies and even killings. Ben Larson is an up and coming executive that has placed it upon himself to infiltrate a world that is full of people who will do anything to retain their power. How far up the ladder can he go to stop the corruption and greed?

There is no doubt the show is a great alternative to Mr. Robot which is still the king on USA, but could use a little competition. Incorporated can be to Mr. Robot what Silicon Valley was to Halt and Catch Fire. It never hurts to have a little friendly competition, with Incorporated being the show that has to prove its worth. The show will star Sean Teale, Allison Miller, Dennis Haysbert, Julia Ormond and Eddie Ramos.

Syfy will premiere the show on November 30th, with a strong hope that it will catch fire early and carry on into next year. The network can use a little bit of a boost when it comes to their new programming, and this is exactly the show that can do it. About the only thing that may bog down the show in the beginning is the flashiness of it, with not enough focus on science fiction. Viewers will have to tune in to find out how the experiment goes, and if it’s a pretender or the real thing.

Will Incorporated be better than Mr. Robot? How long will the series last?

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