Cake Boss: What to Expect from Season 8


Airing on TLC, Cake Boss is a popular series about a family owned bakery called Carlo’s Bake Shop. Featuring Buddy Valastro and members of his family, the series follows their operations as they create masterpieces made out of cake. The show also features the relationships between the members of the family which adds a whole dynamic to the show in addition to the cake creations they come up with each episode for various clients throughout each season of Cake Boss. The show has been on the air since 2009 and the eighth season is slated to premiere in 2016. The show has been very popular since its inception and has been nominated for an Astra Award in 2011 as an international favorite program. Those who enjoy baking and decadent desserts, Cake Boss is a not to be missed show.

Who is Buddy Valastro?

Born in 1977, Buddy Valastro is the Owner of the renowned Carlo’s Bakery. He rose to fame with the inception of Cake Boss, which has lead to the expansion of the bakery into 12 shops now. The show has brought so much attention to Hoboken that Valastro was given an honorable mention to Hudson County’s list of 50 most influential people because of the attention brought to the city as a result. There are six Carlo’s Bakery’s in New Jersey, as well as others in Philly, Vegas, and New York. It has also partnered with Norwegian Cruise Line to offer the bakery on board.

How are people reacting to the series?

The show is clearly popular enough to have seven seasons under its belt, but there are mixed reviews from the fans of the show. Those who are fans of it are impressed by the amazing cake creations that they make each season. They watch the show merely for the cakes they make rather than the drama of the show. Critics of the show have found it to be redundant and that each episode is a different version of the same thing, which gets boring after awhile. Some of the drama they experience is done to mix things up in the show, but it adds an element to the series. Overall, it comes down to the cakes they make at the bakery, and one thing is for sure they make some pretty incredible desserts that leave fans hungry at the end of each episode.

When can people expect to see the next season of Cake Boss?

The eighth season of Cake Boss was confirmed in 2015 for a premiere sometime in 2016. The date of the premiere hasn’t been announced yet, but given the last season ended at the end of 2015, it could still be a few months before we see the next season. The series has been inconsistent with their season patterns, so it is hard to say when they’ll be back, but the last season was the shortest it had been since season two so they might start a longer season in September or later.

What are some of the most notable creations they’ve made on the series?

Nothing is too extreme for Cake Boss. The seventh season featured a cake created for a resort with a theme of ice fishing. Buddy made a cake that was the replica of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Another episode in the most recent season involved making a cake that was themed around chicken and waffles, while another carnival themed cake proved to be a challenge when the strange requirements were given in Portuguese. For a pizzeria anniversary party, they made a cake that looked like a 12-foot slice of pizza.


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