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Cake Boss (Season 9) has been confirmed for 2017, we absolutely can't wait!

Release Date of #CakeBoss S9: 2017

Cake Boss is a reality TV show that follows a New Jersey based bakery run by “Buddy” Bartolo Volastro, Jr. called Carlo’s Bake Shop. His dream was to continue to build on the dream of his father who started the business, and make Carlo’s Bake Shop into an extremely successful operation with the help of family, who also star in the show. Buddy is considered the “Boss,” and he is in charge of the task of churning out extravagant, risky and downright amazing cake creations for a wide range of clients—including celebrities.

The first episode of the show aired in April of 2009 on the TLC network, and the show is now in the middle of its 8th season on the air. The show has been a huge success, and still continues to do well. Recently, 10 additional episodes were added to #CB’ 8th season, making the total episodes that fans can expect for this season 16.

The show and the charismatic personality of Buddy, the show’s star, has turned Carlo’s Bake Shop into a household name, increasing its popularity immensely and even attracting tourism of all sorts. In fact, Carlo’s Bake Shop now enjoys a huge amount of people visiting it daily at its location in the Hoboken, New Jersey area. According to reports, it is not uncommon to find a line all the way out into the street of people waiting their turn to get a look at Carlo’s Bake Shop in person and try some of their delicious baked goods.

While the show’s viewership has decreased since its first season, it is still enjoying a wide viewership at just under a million viewers. IMBD users rate the show a fair 6.8 out of 10 stars, but it seems that some fans of the show have lost interest in it, stating that most of the episodes are, for the most part, the same.

But this critique isn’t necessarily negative for fans of the show. The real draw of the show is getting to see the amazing confectionary creations that are put together right before the viewers eyes. So, for those who love to bake at home or just enjoy watching works of art come together, the show really hasn’t lost its magic. And one of the cool things about the show is that if you go to its homepage on the TLC website, you can find plenty of awesome recipes to try to bake for yourself at home. In addition, on the homepage for the show, there is also an awesome gallery of photos of Buddy’s most amazing cake creations.

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TLC has already announced that a 9th season of #CakeBoss is on the way. While there is no official date for the release of season 9, if the show follows the same trend as it has since it first aired in 2009, it looks like season 9 will start up in May of 2017.

What has been your favorite cake creation Buddy and the team

have put together so far? Have you attempted any of the recipes on the CB home page? If you were going to order a cake from Carlo’s Bake Shop, what would it be?

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