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Season 2 of Bunk’d debuted on August 23, 2016

S2 Started August 23, 2016

The Disney Channel series, Bunk’d, is a spin-off of the network’s series Jessie. The series premiered following the Disney Channel original movie The Descendants on July 31. The show follows the Ross children from Jessie, but because the actor Cameron Boyce is currently working on another project, his character, Luke Ross, is not featured in the series. The rest of the series stars including Nina Lu and Miranda May are all present for the series.

What It’s About?

The Ross children Emma (played by Peyton List), Ravi (Karan Brar), and Zuri (Skai Jackson) go to summer camp in Maine. Camp Kikiwaka is the same camp that their parents met at as teenagers. These city kids do their best to fit in to their new surroundings, making new friends and finding new loves along the way.

Where We Left Off?

In the third episode of the series Zuri and Emma are fighting. Lou gets the idea to send them out into the middle of the lake in a canoe until the two can stop fighting and learn to work out their issues.

In the next episode Xander and Emma lose the special camp spirit stick. This sets off a curse of bad luck on the campers. Elsewhere, Tiffany and Jorge try to teach Ravi how to swim.

What’s Next?

There’s no telling what kind of antics the Ross kids will get up to in the rest of the season. The summer camp setting gives some shape to the season, as there are certain cliches that are likely to be used in the series. The typical events that happen at summer camp will no doubt feature in episodes throughout the rest of the season. We’ve already seen things like learning to swim and summer romances in episodes so far this season so other common camp experiences are likely to follow.

The series is just starting out so there’s no word yet on a new season being in the works, but there is plenty of time for that later. If the series continues with the early ratings it has it is likely to see another season. Because it is meant as a summer series, it is likely that a new season will not air until next summer if there is one happening at all.

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It could be just a one off series as well, as it acts as a break from the regular show while kids are on vacation from school, so that the characters’ lives mirror the viewers’. But it seems more likely that the series will pick up next summer if the ratings are good because in the past Disney has done special during the summer but these usually feature some kind of outlandish adventure rather than the tamer world of summer camp.

Should the show see another season we will probably be acquainted with new camp faces. Additionally, Emma is likely to return as a counselor as she is in training in the current season.

We Want To Hear From You!

The Ross kids have been part of some summer camp traditions like being scared of a mysterious local monster and having a

run in with the frightening camp owner. What camp experience would you like to see the kids face next? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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Awesome news! Disney Channel have announce the scheduled premiere date for season 2 of their 'Jessie' spin off series 'Bunk'D'. The premiere kicks off on August 23 and there will be a new episode every night up until August 26, then the series will return on September 16 in its regular Friday evening slot!

UPDATED March 1, 2016

Looks lie we get to hang out a whole longer at Camp Kikiwawa, because 'Jessie' spin off series 'Bunk'd' has been picked up by the Disney Channel for a second season. The renewal may come as a surprise to some given the fact that the ratings for Bunk'd have been less than favourable, but Disney obviously have faith in the comedy and are willing to give it a chance to grow.

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8 months 16 days ago

Bunk’d season 3 ? ??

8 months 16 days ago

Are the kids gonna help rebuild the cabins that hazel burnt down ?
Maybe hazel should build them herself ???
Will the kikiwaka trash the camp ?
Who outsells who at the next festival ?
Will Jorge ever take a shower ?
Will big stinky return ? ???