‘BUNKD’ Looking Good For Season 2


Debby Ryan wowed audiences with her performance in ‘Jessie’, showing just how talented the young star could be. BUNK’D was a spinoff that took some popular characters from an already popular Disney show and gave them the spotlight. Debuting in 2015, the series has already been renewed for season 2 with a premiere date of August 23rd. At the current rate the show could very well eclipse Jessie in the ratings, which would be a big surprise to the creators of both shows!

BUNK’D is about teens and their adventures in a Maine summer camp where their parents originally met. Camp Kikiwaka holds a lot of memories for the teen’s parents, but is put in place to make new memories as friends. The trio of Emma, Ravi and Zuri Ross are in for some big surprises and adventures as they learn more about themselves.

The show Jessie, on the other hand, won’t really get a chance to do any more crossovers. It’s expected this season is the last as it’s cancelled, so the spin-off seems like an appropriate swan song for some of the better characters off of the show. So the declining ratings of Jessie could be the reason why BUNK’D is surpassing it so early in its cycle.

There has been no word yet on whether Jessie will reprise her role as a guest star on BUNK’D, but don’t be too surprised if she does. The Disney starlet has put a lot of time behind the camera and will be missed by millions of fans. BUNK’D is doing a good job of soaking up some of that rage, yet it still feels like the show could use a little bit of a Jessie appearance for closure reasons.

Are you sad that Jessie is getting cancelled? Should she make an appearance on BUNK’D for one last time?

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