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HGTV is yet to decide on the future of the Build Small, Live Anywhere for Season 2

Release Date of #BSLA S2: To be announced

Build Small, Live Anywhere is hosted by Todd and Gena Davis. Todd and Gena Davis are both experts in interior design and real estate. What they specialize in during the show is that they assist families in finding the ideal house in the beach community that they have always imagined. Throughout the course of an episode, Todd and Gena Davis will guide the buyers through the process of acquiring the real estate, remodelling, and then, their finished results, which completely transform the real estate. This show is ideal for real estate experts and average homeowners who are looking for design inspiration.

What to expect in each episode?

What makes this show so engaging is that it is based on real couples that are trying to find their ideal home in a beach community. The viewer will get attached to the couple as they are coached through the process of not only buying a home, but also making their home the ideal fit through renovations. Once the couple leaves and allows Todd and Gena Davis to work their magic, they will be stunned by the end of the episode at how the space that they purchased was transformed into their dream home in a beach community.

For viewers who are fascinated with the interior design process and how to apply it to real estate investments, this show showcases industry experts that illuminate beneficial ideas for consumers across the United States to consider when they are planning their next real estate investment or remodel project.

What is unique about each episode is that the beach home has an entirely different theme implemented into its remodel based on the original specifications of the home. Todd and Gena Davis then take into consideration what the couple is looking for and then choose the appropriate style that they are looking for. Some examples of styles seen in the first four episodes are: Spanish beach house, bungalow style beach house, nautical theme beach house, and lastly, a beach house where a single father can lay down roots and call home with his teenage kids. Due to the diverse nature of these episodes, there is a great deal of potential with #BSLA for viewers to see several diverse different interior design styles.

Is there going to be a second season of #BuildSmallLiveAnywhere?

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#BuildSmallLiveAnywhere is a show on HGTV that is in its first season. In fact, the season is currently on its fourth episode. Even though there has been a positive response to the show, it is still unclear whether Build Small Live Anywhere will be renewed for a second season since it is still in the first part of its first season on air. That being said, there is a great deal of potential to expand the series for future seasons since there is the potential for many applicants to desire the real estate consultation expertise of Todd and Gena Davis. As a result of this, there could be many different episodes arranged for future couples.

Where can I watch BSLA?

#BSLA is a program that was created for HGTV. What is beneficial about this is that HGTV is available on most major cable and satellite providers. Additionally, one is able to stream episodes of BSLA on HGTV’s website. Thus, if you are unable to catch the latest episode, it is

quite easy to find an alternative way to view what happened in the series last.

Interested in learning more about Build Small, Live Anywhere?

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8 months 8 days ago

I loved the show Build small live anywhere!! I understand wanting to live by the beach and not being able to afford it. But just seeing the great ideas they have and how they transformed these smaller homes into amazing spacious houses is so great and gives me hope and ideas of how to do that someday!! Can’t wait for next season. Wondering why there were only 4 episodes previously. I just saw it on Hulu.
Thank you hope to see more soon!!

Natasha Orton
Natasha Orton
4 months 1 day ago

I love to watch these TV shows because it helps give me ideas to design and decorate because my husband and I are building 1,098 SQ feet house.