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Bubble Guppies will conclude its run on Nickelodeon

#BubbleGuppies Cancelled, No Season Five :(

Bubble Guppies is an animated TV series aimed at preschoolers that came onto the Nickelodeon channel in 2011 and has been running ever since. The series is from creators Robert Scull and Jonny Belt with production from Nickelodeon Animation Studios along with Wildbrain Animation Studios.

What’s It All About?

#BG focuses on the adventures of six fish children by the names of Goby, Molly, Nonny, Oona, Gil and Deema. The show has received some great feedback for it being a well created show with voice acting that is great and cute cartoon characters.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 episode 1 of BG arrived on our TV screens on January 24 2011 when viewers were introduced to the fishy friends when Avi broke a bone in his tail and he had to be taken to the doctor. Throughout the season we have seen Gil wanting to get a puppy, the friends learning how to mix colors, learning to play instruments, learning about the solar system and more. The season came to an end on October 24 2011 with episode 20.

The last season to air at the time of writing was season 4 and it aired on May 21 2015 with episode 1 season 1. The season reached an end on June 4 2015 and throughout the season we saw the friends having a party at sea, celebrating Halloween with pumpkins, being stuck in a snowstorm, the friends wanting to be superheroes and they built a new dog house.

What’s In Store?

So are we going to be seeing a season 5 of BG and if so when can we expect the season to arrive on our TV screens?

At the moment we haven’t heard anything about season 5 heading our way but the series has gone down well with the youngsters so there is every chance that we could see season 5.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

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While there have been many great episodes of #BG there are three that stand out above the others.

Season 1 episode 3 saw Gil wanting to look after a puppy and he had to get his friends help to build a dog house and learn how to look after a pet.

Season 3 episode 2 was among the best when the fishy friends showed youngsters how important police officers are.

Season 4 episode 15 was among the best when the dog house was destroyed and the whole neighborhood got together to make a new one.

Trivia and Facts

Did you know that #BubbleGuppies was a spin off from Bubble Puppy’s Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure?

Choices for Watching Again

If you want to watch episodes of

Bubble Guppies again while waiting for the arrival of a new season you can stream episodes on Amazon, iTunes and Netflix.

Have you and your children been enjoying watching Bubble Guppies? Have you watched all the episodes that have been shown to date? Are you looking forward to a new series? Give us your thoughts on the show in the comments section and don’t forget you can subscribe to be reminded about upcoming episodes and seasons.

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