‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Adds Special Guest Star


The comedy series that is still pushing the surprises has another one in store for fans in an upcoming episode. Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch will be making a guest appearance as himself on January 1st. This will be part of a back to back winter finale, so expect a lot of surprises.

Lynch will appear in the first episode as a witness to several convicts who escape a prison van. The streets of New York are crawling with them, and he is the only eyewitness that can help. When Nine-Nine brings him in for questioning, they are a little worried that he won’t be much help. This is a nod to the real life personality of Lynch, whom had a love/hate relationship with the press. His rant during the NFL media day before the Super Bowl is probably the most infamous moment in its history. The marketing department has already leaked a photo of Lynch posing on set with Crews and Samberg, and it looks awesome.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been the most surprising comedy to come from the ranks of FOX in years. There are not a lot of good cop comedies on television, and Reno 911 was the standard before it went off of the air. Since coming out in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been consistently funny while using all of its ensemble cast. So far the showrunners have done everything possible to keep the focus on all of the characters rather than focusing on a single one. This is the same formula that made Reno 911 great, and it is used to perfection with this series. There is still a lot of story left to tell with this show, and next year will prove that.

Is this the best cop comedy on television? Who is your favorite character on the show?

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