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‘Britains Secret with Anne Robinson’ Is The Best Kind Of Reality


Ann Robinson is a national treasure and one of the best hosts of all time. She made a pretty good splash in the US when The Weakest Link made its way to the US. And a lot of people forget how influential she was on Loose women for nine years. After hosting Watchdog from 1993-2015, it seems she has landed another interesting gig with Britain’s Secrets. Robinson is now the host of the show that looks into some of the biggest topics on the minds of British citizens. The interesting documentary uses a looking glass format that delves deep into issues/topics of interest.

Parenting Secrets is the first topic approached by the show, and looks at how 21st century parenting is handled in Britain. With all of the criticism associated with being a parent, things are now tougher than ever. And this doesn’t just apply to raising teens, but also to toddlers and young adults that won’t leave the nest.

Pet Secrets is one of the longer topics discovered, and is about pets and their role in British households. The show will cover the strong bonds with animal lovers and why they feel their pets are such a huge part of the family. Treatment varies from home to home, and it’s an interesting look in how everyone treats their pets, friends or even family members.

Then there is Body Image Secrets, a segment that even international users should pay attention to. Robinson has a personal attachment to this segment, and will take a look at how both young and old generations deal with looks. It’s a very eye opening look into vanity and how people wear it on their sleeves.

Robinson is making waves with this series and it is one of her best productions since Watchdogs. Make sure to check it out so that a second series can get ordered!

What do you think of the premise? Is Robinson a top 5 host/presenter of all time?

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