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The Fourth season of the Reality & Real Life series Bring It! was originally broadcast on January 13, 2017

S4 Started January 13, 2017

Bring It! is a dance reality show hosted in Jackson, Mississippi. The show features the Dancing Dolls and Baby Dancing Dolls dance troupes and their leader, Miss D, as they face off against competing dance troupes at the Dollhouse Factory. The show first aired on March 5th, 2014 on the Lifetime channel, and has 3 seasons in total. The show entered the 3rd season on January 1st and is 4 episodes into the season. The first and second seasons have 22 and 24 episodes respectively, and the third season can be expected to have a similar amount.

The Dancing Dolls perform in hip-hop majorette competitions with many other acclaimed dance troupes, such as the Divas of Olive Branch, the Purple Diamonds and the YCDT Superstarz. The rivalry between the Dancing Dolls and the Divas is especially strong. They face off in the “Stand Battle,” in which each group performs different “stands,” or routines, based on what the other team does. The moms of the dancers are a big part of the show; while they are not allowed to be in the room when the girls are dancing, they all sit together to watch the performances through a TV screen. Everyone on the team, whether a mom or a dancer, get along well and are close friends. Cast changes are especially stressful on the troupe, as it takes time for a new member to get used to working with the group.

Going into the third season, the Dancing Dolls has had a new member join. The new dancer, Faith, has already shown her talent and skill, but her mom hasn’t fit in quite as well. This only makes it harder for the Dolls to create their amazing performances. With last minute role switches and competition for solos causing drama and stress, the Dolls are always on their toes and only a single misstep away from losing to a rival group. Coach D must rise above the odds to keep the Dancing Dolls in award-winning form through the third season and get their show renewed for a fourth.

Due to the demands of being in the Dancing Dolls troupe, it is unlikely that the original cast will remain for more than the 3rd season. Eventually, someone is going to break and leave the show. Faith will not be the only new member, either. The troupe is prestigious and there are many talented dancers who would love to join and dance under Coach D. Any cast changes, whether a cast member leaves or joins, will add to the stress and challenges faced by the Dolls in their climb to fame.

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It is obvious how the stress of running the Dancing Dolls has affected Coach D, as her language has become more harsh and profane, where previously she would have been gentler with her speech. She is likely only trying to do the best she can for the group, but it may do more harm than good to the show. One reviewer on IMDB expressed, “Who talks to young people like that? She is supposed to be a role model.” Time will tell if Coach D will be able to continue leading the Dolls.

#Bring has had good view counts throughout the two seasons, with a 1.4 million view average. The show had enough views to get renewed for a third season, but the last episode of the second season was the lowest to date. As Coach D works to guide the Dancing Dolls to the top, she undoubtedly knows

that not only the Dolls are at stake. The Dolls must survive the grueling third season and defeat the competition for the show to continue into a fourth season.

If you’d like to catch up on previous episodes, you can stream all previous episodes on Lifetime’s website for free. Amazon offers previous episodes for streaming, but the episodes must be purchased to be viewed. All new episodes are aired on the Lifetime channel Fridays at 9/8c.

Bring It! is finally coming back to Lifetime on January 13th! And yes, that is Friday the 13th so the dancers may want to be wary of any bad luck that may ruin their routines!

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