Bravest Warriors: What to Expect from Season 3


Now heading for its third season after fans anxiously awaited its return, Bravest Warriors is an animated series about some heroic teenagers who essentially spend their time renting themselves out to save aliens across the galaxy. After a hiatus over a year long, people were starting to wonder if they’d ever see the show again. During the time between episodes, the production team did a good job of keeping their name on the minds of fans by maintaining an active social media presence, but everyone finally believed it was back for real after the third season finally announced on June 10, 2016, nearly two years after the previous season had ended. The show was created by Pendleton Ward, who is known for his creation of popular series Adventure Time.

What took so long for the new season to air?

After season three was announced as the second season wrapped up, fans were thrilled for the show to come back. There had only been a few months between the first and second season, so when a year and come and past after the last finale, people started to wonder if it had actually been a series finale. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen production delays, and issues with distribution deals, it took much longer than the originally planned for the show to air. Even though they had pretty much finished production in December of 2015, it wasn’t until June that they finally announced the much awaited third season.

How are people reacting to the third season?

People started off the wait for season three patiently, but as the wait extended on more than one occasion, people started to get peeved. People really didn’t think that the award winning show would be back, so they may have lost some fans along the way who simply lost interest in the show. Once it was back though people were glad to see their beloved characters back in action, and as they say, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the reunion, so the first few episodes have been received well, but as the show goes on we will see what will happen.

Will there be another season?

After the roller coaster of waiting they brought fans on during the hiatus between the first and second, the thought of the fourth season seems as far away as some of the intergalactic places they visit during the show. Some people have speculated though if it does come back, in another two or three years, they should feature new aliens and galaxies that haven’t been visited before… along with someone they haven’t seen in awhile.

How can fans get their fix of Bravest Warriors when there are no new episodes playing?

Most people who enjoy Bravest Warriors are also fans of Pendleton Ward’s other popular series, Adventure Time. Teen Titans is a show from a decade ago that also featured teenaged superheroes and was very popular in its time. Those who just can’t tear themselves away from Bravest Warriors should check out the comics that were created after the inception of the show.

What is the highest rated episode of the show?

The highest rated show thus far was the season finale of the premiere season. Going along with the fact that Catbug, the half cat half ladybug creature is one of the favorites in the show, the episode where he was introduced was the highest rated to date by fans, with 7.9 out of ten stars on Since his introduction, he has been one of the breakout characters in the show, and fans are even buying tee shirts with Catbug on them.

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