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There will be no Fifth season for Canal+'s Crime series Braquo

#Braquo Ended, No Season Five :(

Bad Cops. Worse Criminals.

Braquo is finally airing its fourth season after a long two year wait. The much anticipated return and final season will not disappoint, but English speaking fans will have to wait until it has finished its run in France before getting a glimpse. This is all about bad cops running wild, and the blurry line between the law and those who break it. It’s the vicious cycle of internal investigations, rule-bending, and revenge.

In the new season, captain Eddy Caplan (Jean-Hugues Anglade) finds his colleague Roxanne Delgado (Karole Rocher), while Walter Morlighem (Joseph Malerba) is doing whatever it takes to catch a Turkish crime boss. Eddy’s criminal brother is somehow the moral one, reminding him that he has responsibilities when it comes to playing by the book. Caplan wants to get rid of Roland Vogel (Geoffroy Thiebaut), but must confront someone from his past if he wants to accomplish the task. Walter is still super-mad about what his children went through, and his old army buddy, Wassim Alcala, joins him in going after the Turks.

It will be hard for some fans to say goodbye to the characters they’ve come to love (and hate), but this project has come to an end. Will there be a future for the team of filmmakers to try their hand at another show? Only time will tell, but many hope so.

Highly Positive Reviews.

IMDb voters rank the series at a very high 8.1 out of 10 with 2,400 votes cast. The majority of viewers have commented about this series having some huge plot holes, but it is saved by the tremendous action sequences, tons of swearing, and much more sex than some of the American counterpart shows like The Shield. Others have stated that the characters and actors portray total gritty realism and are easy to connect with. The storyline and mystery within each season are extremely compelling and attention grabbing, with plenty of cliffhangers, making this a binge-worthy show if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Where You Can Watch.

#Braquo season 4 is now available through Canal+ VOD in France. For fans outside of France, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video are streaming the first three seasons of the series with the fourth coming soon, and iTunes offers purchases of previous episodes as well.

Season 4 will premiere in the UK on November 8, 2016, and will air at 10pm on Fox UK. The network will also make the full fourth series available to stream online shortly after the premiere.

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7 months 7 days ago

Unbelievably raw,no Bs ,gritty,relentless, the series Michael Mann (Miami vice, Collateral) wishes he could make.I love Spiral and I watch that when I need a break from the shear ferocity of Braquo.