‘BoJack Horseman’ Already Renewed!


Netflix finally realized what a treasure it had with BoJack Horseman and renewed it for a 4th season on the same day of its season 3 premiere. This is big news for the many that had to wait months to even hear about a season 3 renewal, leaving many to fear that the show had been cancelled. While everyone binge watches the 3rd season, fans that will get to it later need to be extra careful about going online with social media. As ‘Orange is the New Black’ has shown, spoilers are a simple mouse click away!

BoJack Horseman has always been a critically acclaimed show, perfectly mixing drama and comedy in a marriage that would make any blockbuster show jealous. There is a lot of adult humor, hard to miss gags, but the thing that keeps everyone coming back to the show are the unwatchable moments. They usually involve BoJack, and it usually ends with someone telling him just how much of a screw up he is. As silly as the animation style is with a mixture of humans and animals, everything seems normal and in place. So even when the show decides to dump the comedy and get serious, it almost hurts to watch because of how deep it is.

Season 3 supposedly has an even darker tone to it as BoJack tries to get an award for his hard fought Secretariat film. His usual selfishness will probably lead to a bad end, and the producers have hinted that a bombshell at the end of the third season is why Netflix was so quick to renew it for a fourth. So, once again, if you value the time spent watching the show then avoid spoilers!

How do you plan on avoiding spoilers while you binge watch the show? Who is your favorite character?

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