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Blue will not return for a Fourth series...

#Blue Ended, No Season Four :(

Julia Stile’s show Blue joins the long list of popular web series making a jump to television. It’s a gritty drama about single mother #Blue and keeping her secret life as an escort private from her life as a parent of a 13 year old boy. Her job as an escort is only to pay the bills, but over time it becomes much more than that, something more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. As tight as she keeps the secret of her moonlighting, it is a lonely existence that has left her with no friends or close coworkers.

Through the lies she ends up reconnecting with an old acquaintance, a complication that proves too damaging to allow to continue. @Blue has to either accept who she is and admit it to her son, or continue lying knowing that one day it will all blow up in her face.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles has had a storied career up to this point, and is still only 34. It was a bit surprising to see her in this series, but she couldn’t be happier, explaining that it was nice to try something new. She’s recognizable from such films as the Bourne series, “Save the Last Dance”, “Down to You”, “10 Things I Hate About You” and “The Omen”.

Her first film role was alongside Claire Danes and Jude Law, very notable award winning actors. Julia does a lot of major roles as well as smaller indie roles, and if you look at her history she has some of the best range of any actress in film and TV. She is also returning to the big screen for the 5th Bourne movie to play her familiar role of Nick Parsons.

The Story So Far

@Blue’s sister comes into town along with her friend Satya, and before you know it they take over her apartment. This couldn’t come at a worse time since Josh and Francine’s relationship is starting to go somewhere. This doesn’t stop #Blue from her nightly dealings, as she meets a new client that offers a lot of money but wants to do something out of the realm of normal. Lara and Satya overstay their welcome, and possibly put everyone in the house in danger.

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This is once again bad timing, as Blue looks at Arthur a lot differently than she has in the past. All of the struggles of keeping secrets and maintaining lives wears on blue and gives her panic attacks, prompting her to see a therapist and discuss her problems ala Tony Soprano. Through all of the changes going on in Blue’s life, there are just as many happening in Josh’s life as he finally finds the courage to reveal his secret.

Thankfully this doesn’t stop Blue from furthering her relationship with Arthur, but it does complicate things a bit. With the ongoing drama between Lara and Satya, Lara gives her an ultimatum that could end their relationship if Satya doesn’t make immediate changes.

Season 4

There is currently nothing set in stone for season 4 so we’re kind of

in the dark here, but most likely the show will be renewed and should appear early April 2016. It’s obvious that as the show continues the relationship between Blue and her son will continue to deteriorate, to a level where I don’t think it’ll be recoverable.

Do you like the new format of Blue as a TV show or do you prefer it in the web series format? And what do you think of Julia Stiles?

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