Bloodline: What to Expect from Season 3


Netflix has not disappointed with its originally programming released over the past few years, and Bloodline is no exception. The series follows a family who is reunited after their outcast brother returns home as an adult. The siblings uncover scars and secrets from the past upon this reunion, and leads to many dark and twisted tales. Although the series was only released in 2015, it has already received a dozen notable awards after releasing two full seasons for streaming. Viewers are gripped watching the series, and find themselves anxiously waiting on the edge of their seats… few are able to watch only one a week, as most people find them watching ‘til they drop. The juxtaposition of beautiful scenery and dark plotlines make this a show worth watching for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching.

How are people reacting to the series?

The series has been rated extremely well for the amount of people who watch it and for the amount of reviews. Sometimes it is hard believe a series is popular when a few dozen people say a series is great, but when it is thousands, people must be onto something. The cast is also great, with some big names who make it all the better. The storyline has a lot of development, and it isn’t fast paced which doesn’t work for everyone. But for those who stick through it and watch the series, they don’t find themselves disappointed. It is an all around quality television show with many things working for it, its cast, its storyline, and even the amazing cinematography to make it all worthwhile.

If the series is about a family, is it a good show for families to watch together?

The content for Bloodline is rated as 16 plus, and that is fitting as anyone younger either won’t enjoy, won’t understand, or doesn’t need to watch at a young age. However, for families with older teens, the series is gripping and provides ample talking points, be it about the crime in the series and their reactions to it, or how they were deal with a situation similar to that of the one in the series. Families can also discuss how realistic the scenarios are, and how to determine which character is making the right decision during the series and why or why not.

Will the series return for a third season?

The series has been rated incredibly, with high marks and millions of viewers. It is with this information, that Netflix decided to continue the series into a third season, due to be released for streaming sometime in 2017, date to be determined but probably early in the first half of the year.

What are some of the nominations the series has received for awards?

Already in 2016, the series is on a roll raking in the award nominations. It has received a Golden globe nomination, alongside two Primetime Emmys, which were the same two for which it was nominated in 2015. It also received a nomination for the Artios award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting from the Casting Society of America. It has also been nominated for a Gold Derby TV Award, A Satellite Award, and a Writers Guild of America Award.

Are there any other series fans can watch between releases of Bloodline that its fans may enjoy?

Netflix has produced several other series that fans of Bloodline can also binge watch, including House of Cards, The Killing and Narcos. There are also many other shows on television that may elect the interest of Bloodline fans, including The Fall and Homeland.

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